forget what you thought cause
good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught
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                FINCHELTANARPS’ THEME 016:
            — PRECIOUS HEART.

We could live for a thousand years but if i hurt you, I’d make wine from your tears.

Backstreet’s back, alright! And yes, I am referring to myself as a Backstreet boy. It’s purely for the sake of this description, I swear. I’ve actually gone about on a bit of a change with my themes for this pack, so hopefully; you all will still enjoy them as much as the others. Back to basics, now. Even though it is not my first theme, I still highly suspect something could possibly be wrong with the coding, or perhaps you want to change the colour of the links, but no matter: whatever the query, call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me. I’d be more than happy to help you out, and do my utmost best to fix the problem at hand.


This theme is not difficult to edit, and change up but if you are experienced in HTML, you can still change it up to your style if you wish, and are able to. This theme in particular is a simple style you can use for if you are roleplaying a character, or even for your own roleplaying blog. Again; I can help with anything if you ask beforehand, whether it be to do with the links to the backbar. If you are to edit this theme, please keep the credit in the lower right hand corner in tact, and like and reblog if you are going to use this, or simply want to have it as a resource for others.

  • This theme was created with this base code, but I did draw some inspiration from the themes here, as well. I worked very hard on this, so please do not steal this theme, and take it as your own. You can however edit this to your liking, but the credit must always stay in place. Simple, right?
  • The title is called ‘Precious Heart’; which is a piece of lyric from one of my favourite songs at the moment actually, “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS. I will be making a theme package in accordance with five 80’s songs that are rockin’ my world right now. This is the first of this package. My previous themes can be found here.


  • Two main sidebar images, with the dimensions of 144 x 342, and 37 x 100.
  • A backbar behind the sidebar. The preferred dimension is 520 x 520, with a 200% zoom attached via the Patterncooler website.
  • There are four customizable links above the description. Feel free to decrease the size of the links to fit a larger number.
  • There are two transparent titles to the right of the sidebar which can be written in the customize page. One small sentence should suffice, so try not to make it too long. It’ll look funny otherwise. If you want to see the titles quite clearly, it is best to use a simple patterned background or a solid colour.
  • It may not look like much once you upload it to Tumblr, but once you had pictures and background images, I’m sure it’ll look fantastic. I have added the colours on my original live preview of my first theme, but feel free to change it to your suiting.
  • Audio posts are required to have a caption with each reblog otherwise the post looks strange and messy.
  • There is a description (sidebar) which can be reduced, or increased in size. It also comes with a hover, so if you are to drag your mouse over the picture, you will be able to see it.
  • The pagination is located below the text in said description.


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Lily Collins leaving her hotel in New York (08.18.14)

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Grant Gustin does the ALS Ice Bucket challenge

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Grant Gustin Ice bucket challenge

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MOODBOARD || Claire Clarington + being herself

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                       "(I CAN'T) BE YOUR ONLY ONE" — 
                           THEME 17, BY AIRANASGRANDE.


+ 2 sidebar images, width: 215px, height: 207px.
+ 3 custom links.
+ 500px wide posts.
+ Easy editable colors.


Like this post, or reblog it. Make sure you keep the credits where they are, and do not steal the code, which means don’t just ignore liking or reblogging this post and / or remove the credit and claim as your own work. Please do not restribute, or use as a base code for your own themes.

                               LIVE PREVIEWGET THE CODE